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Shoes from Shamayim!

Mrs. Schwartz’s* child needed a pair of shoes, but she couldn’t afford it. She didn’t know what to do. She said, “Hashem, I can’t afford it. I don’t have money, but it’s not money that buys shoes; it’s You, Hashem.” Shortly afterwards, one of her neighbors was speaking with her and told her that she just bought a pair of shoes for their child, but their child didn’t like the color or the style. “Do you know of anyone who could use it?”. The shoes fit Mrs. Schwartz’s child just right, they fit like a glove. They’re perfect! The colors, everything! Hashem worked out every last detail!

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The Spring Hill Times Issue 136 Parashas Terumah 5784

Click below to download this week’s issue of The Spring Hill Times. Inspired by ‘A Life with Bitachon’. The Spring Hill Times Issue 136 Parashas Terumah  5784 Listen to the Powerful, Daily-Updated Shiurim that have inspired tens of thousands by Rabbi Golombeck on ‘A Life with Bitachon’. Eretz Yisroel 079-704-0068 Lakewood 732-719-3898 Monsey 845-470-5577 Five Boroughs 929-470-5577 England 03-303-502-368 Australia (3) 99-997-300 Canada 647-498-7700

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Mi K’amcha Yisrael!

Dovid went shopping at a store. When he came to the cash register, he realized that he only had half the amount of money that he needed. So he asked the owner, “Do you want me to put stuff back? Do you want me to come back later with money?” The owner answered, “I want to be mochel the money.” A yid, just like that, was mochel money for another Yid! Even though his store is not a gemach, what wouldn’t a Yid do for another Yid! [R’ Zevy Golombeck] Read More: “Am Yisrael Oozing with Care”

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Hashem’s Endless Kindness!

Mrs. Cohen’s son was running late for the bus and missed it. She called the bus driver and asked how long before he had come to the stop. The non-Jewish driver said, “Don’t worry. I’ll turn around and come back for you to make you happy.” Hashem is doing nissim geluyim for Klal Yisrael! [R’ Golombeck] Read More: The Wondrous Ways of Hashem

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