Ways of Hashem

The Wondrous Ways of Hashem

R’ Naftali* he is very makpid to give tzedakah before Shacharis every day. He is also very makpid to go early to shul every morning.

Today, two things happened. He woke up late for the first time. He also did not have any money in his wallet. He did not know what to do. He went to Shacharis, and on the way he saw a older man walking on the ice to Shacharis, slipping on his way. He stopped and told the man, “Let me bring you to Shacharis.” He said, “Thank you so much! Everyday I get a ride. I don’t know what happened to my ride today.” R’ Naftali said, “Wow. Usually I go earlier. Now I saw you.” Also, I like to do a chesed before davening. This is the biggest chesed I can do.” Wow, he made the man feel like a million dollars! Yidden are amazing. They always want to do chesed and give tzedaka; people are being moser Nefesh to go to Shacharis!

So much to learn from this story. Klal Yisrael is an amazing nation. Such Hashgach Pratis!
(R’ Zevy Golombeck)

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