Dinner on the House

Dinner on the House!

Mrs. Ulman* was over worked and over booked, and she simply wasn’t up to making dinner. With no means, even for pizza, she turned to Hashem, “I may not know how to take care of myself but You can-You can get us, a free night, a free supper.” Later on that day a friend who she hadn’t spoken to in seven years called. Her friend said “I need a yeshua for something and a zchus that Hashem should make me happy, I want to make someone else happy, so I would like to make you an offer, I would like to take you and your whole family out for supper, you can order what ever you want, take what ever you want.” They never saw so much food, or were treated out so well in their whole entire life!
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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