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Mi K’amcha Yisrael!

Dovid went shopping at a store. When he came to the cash register, he realized that he only had half the amount of money that he needed. So he asked the owner, “Do you want me to put stuff back? Do you want me to come back later with money?” The owner answered, “I want to be mochel the money.” A yid, just like that, was mochel money for another Yid! Even though his store is not a gemach, what wouldn’t a Yid do for another Yid! [R’ Zevy Golombeck] Read More: “Am Yisrael Oozing with Care”

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A Nation of Diamonds

“A Nation of Diamonds!”

With an Off-Shabbos coming, a Yeshiva bochur, Kalman*, and the other bochurim in the Yeshiva made plans for where to go for Shabbos Sudahs, but then when it got closer to Shabbos, their hosts told them it wouldn’t work out. They met an amazing Jew who said, “Sure, by me, there’s no such thing as you have to call by a certain time thing, I always make extra food, I love having people over for Shabbos! ” and just like that, all ten bochurim, had Sudah’s for Shabbos, all while feeling so good! ‘Am Yisrael is nation of diamonds!” [heard by by Zevy Golombeck] Read more: Mi

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