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Da'as Torah

Da’as Torah- The Ultimate Compass- Part 2

An Opposite Story. The Kaufmans* had a new addition to their family a few weeks ago, and she wasn’t managing; she couldn’t return to work. They called Daas Torah, and he answered, “On’es Rachmanah Pat’rey”- she shouldn’t return to work. Shortly afterward, a relative called, “Our business is thriving, we have a lot of extra Ma’ser money to give, and we would like to support a family.”- just like that, she had all the money she needed. “These sounded like two opposite stories, but they are, in fact, one story. The common denominator is when you listen to Daas Torah, you are given S’yata Dishmaya to guide

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Da'as Torah part 1

Da’as Torah-The Ultimate Compass- Part 1

A Morah in a school, Mrs. Blum* had a baby. Six weeks later, when it was time for her to go to work, she was still exhausted, and she didn’t really want to go to work, but at the same time, they needed the money, and her husband wanted her to return to work. So they asked Da’as Torah, and he answered that she should go back to teaching and Hashem would work everything out. Mrs. Blum saw a pattern that when the baby was up the whole night or didn’t feel well, Hashem worked it out that there wasn’t school that day or that there was

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