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“Who is in Charge?”

Rabbi Golombeck was in the bank Wells Fargo on Friday in order to take care of something important. They told him that in order to take care of it he would need an appointment. They told him he would have to come back on Monday to make an appointment. Rabbi Golombeck told them that he really needs to take care of it today. They told him, “We don’t have any appointments available for today.” Rabbi Golombeck was thinking to himself, “One second. Who is in charge of available appointments? Hashem.” He said, ‘Hashem! They can give me an appointment.” The man said to Rabbi Golombeck, “You know

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Rav Golombeck's Emunah Level Soars

Rav Golombeck’s Emunah Level Soars!

Rabbi Golombeck arrived at the bank with only two minutes to make a transaction, and he saw that it would only work out if he was next one in line. When he arrived, he was the next one in line, but then a fellow Jew came and he said he had to go out of town and was in a rush. He asked if he could go in front of him. Rabbi Golombeck agreed and he had to leave the bank without getting the transaction done. Rabbi Golombeck told himself, “It’s not because that man had to go out of town that I wasn’t able to do

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