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A Special Tefilah

Mrs. Levin’s* husband was struggling in his avodas Hashem. They were at a family gathering, and someone embarrassed her in public and said, “What’s with your husband? He can’t get his act together. What’s with him?” She took that moment to daven to Hashem because she was embarrassed b’rabbim. She said, “Hashem! Please make my husband turn around!” The next day, her husband said to her, “You know, I decided I want to wake up early. I want to start with a seder kavua and I want to start a new leaf.” Now he’s a new person. He wakes up early and is shteiging away! Read More: Just

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“Water From Sham’yim!”

R’ Green* was traveling with his son on a bus. His son got very, very thirsty, and he badly needed a drink. R’ Green didn’t have any water with him. He asked Hashem, “What should I do? I have my son here, and he needs water; we’re going to be on the bus for a very long trip.” A few minutes later, a Yid came over to him and said, “I have a couple of extra bottles of water. Would you like any?” Just like that, one Yid shared a water bottle with another Yid. [R’ Zevy Golombeck] Read More: “Hashem’s Constant Care”  

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