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Powered with Bitachon

The CD player in the Singer* house wasn’t working. Mrs. Singer tried this and tried that, the outlet, the plug, but it wasn’t turning on. She called the whole family and said, “Let’s sing ‘Hakol Yachol’ together. Afterwards, I’ll plug it in with the electricity of Emunah and Bitachon.” She tried turning it on once more, and this time it worked! (Rabbi Zevy Golombeck)

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Bitachon and More Bitachon!

R’ Chaim Gross* just bought a new bike lock. He set up a combination number and he locked the bike. Later on, when he was trying to open it, he realized that he had forgotten the combination that he had just set, and he didn’t know what to do. He was fiddling and playing with it, but it wasn’t opening. R’ Chaim’s wife made a suggestion: “I will sing Hakol Yachol.” He tried a code, but it still didn’t work.  So his wife said, “Oh, I probably need more Bitachon!”  She started singing again ‘Hakol Yachol,’ and halfway through, the bike lock opened up!! (Rabbi Zevy Golombeck)

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Everything is Up to Hashem!

Mrs. Rosen* was feeling down and really wanted a particular friend, who always gives her chizuk, to come and schmooze with her. It was Shabbos, and her friend normally didn’t come by on Shabbos to visit her. Mrs. Rosen didn’t have the strength to go over to her friend; she was at a loss of what to do. Then she realized, “One second. Hashem is in charge. Hashem could put in her mind that she’ll want to come to me!” A few minutes later, her daughter came running over and said, “Mommy! I just looked out the window; your friend is coming!” Just like that, out of

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