Bitachon Generates Money

Bitachon Generates Money!

A Jew was attempting to collect tzedakah, but he was not receiving the amount he had been hoping for. He met Rav Yehuda Mendel on the street and he told him about his predicament.
Rav Yehuda said, “”I will give you all the money in the world!”” The Yid asked “”Why, you are so rich?””
Rav Yehuda answered: “”I have the power of Bitachon, I have Bitachon that money is going to start flying in from all directions!””
Within one minute, a Yid came over and gave him a hundred dollar bill.
Even though Rav Yehuda would have wanted to be able to physically help him with money, he used a much stronger, spiritual type of the power, the power of Bitachon!
Am Yisrael is so amazing, they give so much tzedakah!
[Heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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