Caring for Hashem's Children - Blessings and Divine Providence

“Caring for Hashem’s Children”

R’ Effy* took into his house an individual on the spectrum that no one else could bring up. Even though this individual was very difficult and challenging, alongside the fact that his parnassa was tight, and he didn’t want to add an extra financial strain, he heard on Life with Bithachon that when you take care of Hashem’s children, Hashem takes care of you, so he continued to help him. Within a short time, R’ Effy’s business started flourishing, and his income grew eight times what he had earned previously. With the extra money, he was able to buy a huge house. This child now has his private space, and his family has their own. And now there is also money to help the child without any extra financial strain on his budget.
He saw openly that when you care for Hashem’s children, he takes care of you!
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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