Chesed Hashem and Mi K'amcha Yisrael

Chesed Hashem and Mi K’amcha Yisrael

On Monday morning, 30 Sivan 5783, Mrs. Kaplan* borrowed a car and drove three students to school. She missed a stop sign and crashed into a diiferent car. Their car was smashed as a result but Baruch Hashem nothing happened to her and the three children!
The car she hit spun around and the driver walked out fine!
The person whose car she was driving was very understanding and the person who she hit was not angry at her! Chasdei Hashem!
The other driver was from a different nationality. While they were both standing there on the road, at least 10 people stopped their cars to see if they were ok. Every single one of them was a Yid!! [Heard from Mrs. Kaplan]

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