M'Chavain Lo' Shah

“Hashem is M’Chavain Lo’ Shah!”

Reuven Berkowitz* called his Rebbe’s gabbai to schedule an appointment with his Rebbe about a pressing matter. The gabbai told him that he should come within ten minutes; if he comes within the next ten minutes, he will be able to ask the Rebbe his question. With one foot out the door, his kids told him they needed him to give them a ride to school. Ruavan thought, ” Oh, if I take the kids to school, it will make me a half hour late,” then he thought, “You never lose by doing the right thing; Hashem controls the world, not the Rebbe.” He happily brought his kids to school; when he got the vicinity of the Rebbe, he had to circle around the block to find parking. When he finally got to the Rebbe, the Rebbe was just on his way out; he was able to speak to him and ask his question. He saw that Hashem had worked out everything!
“Hashem was M’Chavain Lo’ Shah!”

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