Orchestrator of Life

Hashem- The Orchestrator of Life!

R’ Yoni Sharf, a Rebbe in New York,  was bringing back some books that his kids had borrowed from the Jewish library.  They had only been able to find about half of them. He didn’t know where the rest of the books were. As he was on the way to the library, he realized that he didn’t have money to pay the fine to the library. He went back to get money, and he found the other bag with all the other books he was supposed to return! Gam zu letova! When he arrived at the library, he saw that right nearby was a place to daven, and they were looking for a tenth man to complete their minyan. It was perfect for his schedule to daven at that moment! He saw how Hashem orchestrated it that when he was halfway to the library, he remembered to get the money, which caused him to find the other half of the books and and also caused him to arrive just as yidden were looking for a minyan, at a time that was perfect for him to daven maariv! Hashem runs a perfect world!!

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