Hashem Looks after His People

Hashem Looks after His People!

Mrs. Weinberg* needed a substitute to take over her house-based kindergarten while she was moving homes. The money was tight for paying the $200 a day to the substitute, especially because she also had to simultaneously pay the moving expenses. In a discussion with her mother about the idea of whether to take an extra day off for her to settle down and regain her menuchahs ha’nefesh or to go right back to work, her mother said, “”You need it, pay the extra $200, and Hashem will pay you back!””
Later on, on the same day, the landlord of the basement that she rents for her kindergarten told her that someone gave her $500 to give to someone who would appreciate it. “”Here I’m giving it to you!””
Hashem showed right away how He was looking after her!
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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