Hashem Loves Us!

Yeshiva Toras Chesed has a sprinkler system. Whenever something is smoking, it spritzes water from all directions. It puts out the fire right away. There was a fan that a bachur left on for a little too long and it was overheating. It made lots of smoke, triggering the sprinkler system and caused everything in the Yeshiva to get wet.They called the janitor to clean up the mess. The janitor said, “I see your G-d was watching you and protecting you.” He was cleaning the Otzar Sefarim and he saw that the sprinkler in the Otzar Haseforim did not work! If it would have, it would have drenched all the sefarim! It actually did spritz but it went straight to the floor and not to any sefarim!” Usually the sprinkler is supposed to spray on all the sides. The janitor saw that it was a nes! Instead of all the sefarim getting drenched, there was just a little puddle on the floor. Every other sprinkler spritzed from all directions and everything got wet! Hashem protected the sefarim and the tefillin! Nissim geluyim!

[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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