The Ultimate GPS

Hashem- The Ultimate GPS!

Shabbos Morning, Yossi*, Shmuli*, and Rachamim* were going to their host for their Shabbos Sudah. The problem was that they didn’t know their host’s family name or address. So they davened, “Hashem, please help us find our host! ” As they continued walking, they bumped into a fellow Jew and told him about their predicament. He answered, “I have a friend who told me he is having bochurim over for the Shabbos Sudah, so it must be him!” “I’ll tell you who he is and his address!” And with that, they were on their way to their host. Hashem answered their Teffilos, and everything worked out to the tee!
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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