Hashem Turns Everything Around

Hashem Turns Everything Around!

Rav Golombeck had a cleaning lady for a year, and then one day, she told Rav Golombeck that her kids needed her, so she was going to start helping them instead of coming to clean by him. So Rav Golombeck said, “Hashem, You have helped me till now; You are the same Hashem who will always help me.”
Rav Golombeck asked the neighbor’s cleaning lady if she could start coming to his house, but she declined, so Rav Golombeck asked again, this time supercharged with Bitachon, and she agreed.
Losing your cleaning lady can be a letdown, so Rav Golombeck made a list of reasons why the new cleaning lady is better than the old one.
1. His previous cleaning lady used his vacuum to clean up everything on the floor, including larger items. And Rav Golombeck used to have to bring it every couple weeks to the repairman to get it fixed, which was burdensome and costly; he thought that was just how things are. The new cleaning lady comes with her personal vacuum, and now he no longer has this problem. Open His’galus Ha’Shichna!
2. The old cleaning lady used to have to be picked up and dropped of at the bus station, which would throw a wrench into his schedule. The new cleaning lady drives to his house.
3. The old cleaning lady used to use the cleaning supplies he had in the house, which meant he had to go to the store regularly to replenish the supplies. The new cleaning lady brings her own cleaning supplies.
Rav Golombeck is so thankful to Hashem for all of His Chesed!

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