Hashem Works Out Everything

R’ Nosson*, a relative of Rabbi Golombeck, was planning to drive one Friday from Lakewood to upstate New York. Since he would be driving with an empty car, he first stopped by the hitching spot on Squankum Avenue, where people wait for rides. (Baruch Hashem, in Lakewood and many other places in the world, yidden stop and they give each other rides.) R’ Nosson arrived at the hitching spot at 12:00, but he did not see anybody who needed a ride. This was very unusual, and he felt a letdown; he wanted to be able to do chesed and give a ride so much, but there was no one waiting for a ride. But what should he do? Obviously, Hashem had different plans. He started driving upstate with his empty car. As he was driving on the highway, he saw a Yiddishe couple pulled over at the side of the road, holding a couple of kids. He stopped and asked, “Do you need help?” They said, “Yes, our car died. We’re going to upstate New York, and we need a ride.” He told them, “Are you serious? I’m going to upstate New York, and I have an empty car. Come with me.” It turned out that their family filled the whole car! If he would have given anyone else a ride, then he would not have had room for this family!

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