Hashgacha Pratis

Hashgacha Pratis!

There is an older Yid who is not well and he can’t fend for himself. So a yungerman by the name of R’ Yitzchok* was mekabel to collect tzedakah for this Yid. He called him another Yid and said, “I’m helping this older Yid. Do you want to help?” He replied, “For sure I want to help! I have somebody else who would even help more than me.” He gave the yungerman the his information.R’ Yitzchok wrote it down but he then lost all the information about that person. He had no idea where to find him, how to track him down.He told Hashem, “I don’t have the paper. I don’t have the information. But one thing is that You know where he is!”He was walking in the street and just bumped into this Yid and they started schmoozing. Turns out, he was the guy who was going to help and he gave a lot of money!!
(R’ Zevy Golombeck)

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