Just in Time!

Mrs. Strauss* is a playgroup Morah. She has an assistant, and she has to pay her on the first of the month. She uses the money that the parents give her to pay her assistant. The problem was that most of the parents were late with their payments, and she wasn’t able to come up with the amount of money that was needed to pay the assistant. She asked her husband what she should do. He said, “Well, we follow ‘A Life with Bitachon,’ and it says that Hashem is our loving, caring father. He took care of us up until now, He’ll forever take care of us. I’m not worried.” Right afterwards, there was a knock on the door. Somebody owed them money from a long time ago, and they came to pay it up! It was the exact amount they needed for their assistant! 

(Rabbi Golombeck)

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