Kol Man D'Oveed Rachmanah L' Tav Oveed

“Kol Man D’Oveed Rachmanah L’ Tav Oveed”

While waiting at the bus stop, Mrs. Levine*, from EY, noticed a bus arrive. At the same time, she saw a yeshiva bochur was running towards the bus in an attempt to catch it. But just as the bochur reached the bus stop, the bus began to pull away, leaving him behind. As she was thinking,” Oy, why did such a thing happen? All he wanted to do was go to Yeshiva!” right then, after the bus left, a very kind Jew rolled down the window. “Where do you want to go?” “To yeshiva.” “Of course, I’ll bring you to Yeshiva; hop right in!”
She realized that when she was thinking, “Oy, why did such a thing happen?” Hashem had better plans for him; door-to-door service.
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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