Deal of Hashem's Chesed

“Make a Big Deal of Hashem’s Chesed!”

Mrs. Ehrentreu* consulted with R’ Golombeck about her predicament. Recently, she has started getting unexpected bills; as it is, money is tight, and she is unsure what to do. R’ Golombeck advised her to start making a big deal whenever unexpected money comes in, no matter the amount, deal out of it-say “thank you, Hashem, every ounce of Your chesed is so incredible!” Lo and behold, unexpected money started flying in from everywhere. One person called, “I would like to pay you back the money I borrowed five years ago; here it is.” Another person: “I have money for you that I borrowed ten years ago.”
The more she thanks Hashem, the more unexpected money comes flying in!
You will only notice Hashem’s endless chesed when you start making a big deal about it.
[R’ Golombeck]

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