Orchestrated by Hashem!

R’ Kaplan’s* wife always listened to the hotline, and she always tried to convince him to listen. She kept telling him, “Listen, listen, listen, you’ll be a happier person and it will help you.” He never had time, and he always pushed it off. Two weeks ago, he said to himself, “One second. I really need to help myself. I want to be happy in life.” He started listening to the hotline and he said, “Wow. I never heard these concepts. It’s a game changer.” He said that a few weeks later, he already sees how he’s bringing it into his life. He gave an example. He went into a store, and he saw that somebody left his tefillin bag. He wasn’t familiar with this name. It was a bachur’s tefillin, and he didn’t know how he was going to return it to him. Then he said, “I’m having Bitachon. Within a couple minutes, either the one who lost it or somebody who knows him will come by and I’ll be able to return it to him.” A minute later, a father walked by with his son, and they saw him standing next to the tefillin. They asked him, “Whose tefillin is this?” The yungerman told them that he doesn’t know. They said, “We know this person, and if you want we can return it to him!” Just like that! Hashem orchestrated it!

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