R' Yechezkel Golombeck Z'tL- A Life Full of Chesed

R’ Yechezkel Golombeck Z’tL- A Life Full of Chesed

This week was the Yahrzeit of R’ Yechezkel Golombeck Z’tL, Lahvdil bein Chaim L’Chaim R’ Zevy’s Golombeck’s brother.
One day, R’ Yechezkel was at the pharmacy to purchase medicine for one of his children. While waiting in the checkout line, he noticed an Avraich ahead of him who was picking up a prescription. The Avraich’s insurance was not covering the cost of the medicine, and he didn’t have money to pay. So, R’ Yechezkel quietly hinted to the pharmacist that he would pay for it. The pharmacist told the Avraich, “You’re good to go.”
And with that, Avraich went on his way without even realizing what had happened!
May his Neshama have a Alyiah.

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