Rabbi Golombeck sees how much Hashem Loves and Cares for him!

A mother left him a message with a question on the hotline. He called her back and said to her that this question was for her Rav and she should be asking him. She said that with these types of questions, her Rav tells her that only Rabbi Forsheimer knows the answers. So Rabbi Golombeck asked her, “So what’s the problem?” She said that the last time she tried to call Rabbi Forsheimer, it took her a week to get through to him. She doesn’t have a week now to get through to him. Rabbi Golombeck told her, “Okay, I’ll call him instead of you.” Usually, Rabbi Golombeck also has to call Rabbi Forsheimer about 20 to 40 times in order to get through to him, but he decided he’ll do it anyway, to help another Yid. He called, and on the first try, Rabbi Forsheimer answered!! Rabbi Forsheimer said that he didn’t have a clear answer to the question and that Rabbi Golombeck should call Rebbetzin Halberstadt;  she would know. So Rabbi Golombeck called Rebetzin Halberstadt, and she said that she was leaving to teach in three minutes; and that Rabbi Golombeck caught her right as she was about to leave! She said she had 60 seconds. She gave Rabbi Golombeck 100 percent clarity on the answer to the question. Within two minutes of Rabbi Golombeck speaking to the mother with her question, she got an answer!! Even though it was through Rabbi Forsheimer, who usually takes 20 times to get through to, and the Rebbetzin, who was about to leave for work! Everything was orchestrated perfectly!

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