Yidden Love Each Other!

R’ Yisrael’s Braun* was called into his boss’s office. His boss told him, “Even though you’re a great worker, you’re not for my company. We don’t see eye to eye; I don’t like the way you do things. You need to find a new job.” Nevertheless, the boss who fired him gave him a whole goodbye party. He gave him a $1,000 bonus to show him his appreciation and how much hakaras hatov he has for him. Yidden are amazing. Even though he had to fire him, he gave him a thousand dollar bonus! After losing his job, R’ Yisrael was anxious and nervous. “What’s going to be with parnassah?” Then he realized, “It must be that this job was poison for me, and Hashem has better plans!” Right afterwards, he found a better job that offered much more money. It was better in every way imaginable!
[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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