Anti-Semitism Down!

Ushi Sofer* was flying overseas back to his Yeshiva. He arrived at the airport only 45 minutes before his flight, and found a very long line. It seemed like he was going to miss his flight. Then, the non-Jew who was in charge came over to him and said, “Come right here. Come to the front of the line.” He brought him straight to the front of the line. They took him in on the flight one, two, three!
The Chesed Hashem on his journey didn’t stop there. He hadn’t arranged a ride to his Yeshiva when he was going to land. While he was on the plane, a Yid came over to him and asked him where he was going. He told him he is a bachur going to Yeshiva, and the Yid said, “You can come with me. I’ll give you a free ride to Yeshiva!”

[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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