Who's Really In Charge?

“A Living Kiddush Hashem”

Mrs. Alpert, R’ Avigdor Miller’s einkel, once called me up to ask what Kabbalah she could do to bring more kavod shamayim to the world. She was already doing so much, but I told her to tell one person a day how she saw Hashem that day. She said she’s been doing it, and people love it and have been asking for more! She shares stories with them, and they share with her. She has a hotline, and today, she said over a story. She went from store to store shopping. After she finished, as she was walking out of one of the stores, she stuck her hands in her pocketbook, and she realized that there were no keys. She usually doesn’t even check her pocketbook ahead of time to see if she has her keys; when she gets to her car, she looks for them. Hashem just put it into her brain to check, and she saw she was missing her car keys. She had no idea where it was, and she had a lot of packages with her. Then she remembered the last place she had them. She is a teacher, and she went to the candy store to get candies for the kids. She had her keys in her hand as she was counting out the candies. She went to check, and it was right there! She saw the chesed Hashem! If she had gone to her car without checking for her keys ahead of time, she would have carried all those bags to the car, and then she would have had to go back inside. Also, Hashem reminded her where it could have been! She didn’t remember that she had her keys then. It was just Hashem putting everything in her brain. She said that Hashem showed her chesed after chesed and that He is taking care of her.

[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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