“Chesed will Encircle You!”

Mendy,* a yeshiva bachur, was waiting with his friend for a hitch. Every car was passing by, and no one was giving them a ride. They needed to go to Yeshiva. He told his friend, “You know what the problem is? We’re being Bote’ach in cars. Let’s be mechazek in Bitachon and start singing Hakol Yachol. You’ll see that the next car will pick us up.” The next car passed them and just kept on going. His friend asked him, “What happened with your Bitachon?” He answered him, “Bitachon can make it that it will come around!” Just like that, the car backed up, and the driver said, “So sorry, you know, I noticed you were waiting. I should have picked you up. Wherever you need to go, I’ll give you a ride!” Klal Yisrael is amazing! Bitachon is incredible!

[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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