Hashem Listens to Lakewood Boy's Prayer

Hashem Listens to Lakewood Boy’s Prayer

Avi,* an 8th grader in Lakewood, New Jersey, was in a small tutor-room in school with his camera. A friend of his pulled the camera out of his hands. The camera opened up, and something small shot out.
Avi put the camera back together, and only a day later did he notice that the small thing that shot out was his micro SD card.
So he went back to the tutor room and searched it top to bottom. He searched the hallway near the room, and even asked the janitor if he saw a SD card, but it was nowhere.
A few days later, Avi gave up on looking, but davened to Hashem to please help him find it, because it contained many precious pictures.
About a week later, something strange happened. It was like Hashem was telling Avi to check the room again.
So on the way up to mincha, Avi went into the room, got down on his knees, and pulled down the rubber lining that goes around the floor. AND THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!
As it shot out of the camera, it had landed inside the rubber lining.
Avi was so shocked he couldn’t speak! Thank You Hashem!!!! [Heard from Avi]

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