Hashem loves His children

Hashem loves His children!

Mrs. Orenstein* was in a predicament; they needed a new couch for her living room, but money was tight. In conversation with her friend, she told her how she needed a sofa with two recliners on the side, with a specific color and shape. So her friend told her, ” Say to Hashem, You love me, I’m Your child, You can help me.” The next day, Mrs. Orenstein’s daughter came home from school, and she told her that when she was speaking to her friend, her friend asked her if she knew anyone that needed a new couch; her family was getting a new sofa, and they wanted to give away their present one, in perfect condition, condition, and they would deliver it as well. The couch her daughter described was the exact couch she needed, and she got it delivered to her house with free door-to-door service!
[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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