Hashem Pays for Yungerman's New Washing Machine

Hashem Pays for Yungerman’s New Washing Machine

R’ Eli Baum,* a yungerman from Lakewood, New Jersey, realized that he needed a new washing machine. He didn’t have the money to pay for it so he strengthened his Emunah in Hashem and davened to Him.
The day after he found out that he needed a new washing machine, he went to get the mail from the mailbox. He saw a letter from the IRS there. He was wondering what it was about as it was not tax season.
He opened up the envelope and in it was a letter that said that a few years before he paid too much taxes. “”We are refunding you the extra money.””
The check was just enough money for him to pay for the new washing machine! [Heard from R’ Eli]

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