Hashem turns Unbelievable into Reality

Hashem turns Unbelievable into Reality!

Mrs. Horowitz rents apartments for her organization, which provides loved ones of patients in the hospital with a place to stay nearby. This gives them the much-needed rest and menuchas ha’nefesh. Mrs. Horowitz has apartments near NYU and Columbia hospitals in Manhattan. This past month, the landlord of her apartment in the Colombia hospital vicinity gave her notice that he was going to raise the rent to an exorbitant amount, out of her budget. The same day, as Mrs. Horowitz was ready to call the landlord to end the rental agreement, she got a phone call from someone who said “Do you still have your apartment chesed organization?” When she answered in the affirmative, he said, “Many years ago, I stayed at one of the apartments, and I decided today, as a sign of Ha’karos Hatov, I would like to cover the rent for the apartment, no matter the price!”
If it’s not crystal clear that Hashem is running everything from beginning to end in this story, what is!?
[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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