Bitachon and Chesed United! - Greatness of Hashem

“Bitachon and Chesed United!”

After Mrs. Rose* finished shopping, she called the taxi company only to find out they were beyond backed up. She thought to herself “One second, I just started following A Life with Bitachon recently, and I heard stories that Hashem is the Kol Yachol; He can do everything and everything.” as she was thinking about the ideas of Bitachon, a young Jewish woman came over to her “Can I help you?” when she heard Mrs. Roses’s predicament, she said without hesitancy “Come with me it will be my pleasure to give you a ride home!”
And with that, she had door-to-door service!
“Bitachon and Chesed United!”
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck}

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