Hashgacha Pratis

R’ Friedman,* a Rebbe, had to bring his daughter to a doctor’s appointment. He realized that he would have to take off from teaching time. He didn’t want to, because he just took off recently for a chasunah, and he can’t take off too many days. He didn’t know what to do, because his daughter really needed that appointment; they waited a long time for it. Then he said, “One second. Hashem can orchestrate everything. I’ll just leave it up to Hashem!” Not long afterwards, the menahel told R’ Friedman that the yeshiva was going to be having a field day, and they would be going on a trip. The yeshiva doesn’t usually go on trips but something came up and they’re going on a trip. During the trip, R’ Friedman would not have to come in to teach. It was the exact day and the same time as the appointment!

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