It’s Already Found!

Mrs. Leiberman’s* daughter called her up frantically to tell her that she had just lost something extremely important. Mrs. Lieberman told her, “You know, it was already found.” Her daughter said, “Are you serious? How do you know where it is?” Mrs. Lieberman answered her, “I don’t know. I know it’s where it will be found.” Her daughter said, “What is this, a joke?” She said, “No, this is how a Life with Bitachon told me to talk. I’m supposed to only speak positive lies, and that’s called having Bitachon; just say, of course, you already found it.” Her daughter said, “Mommy, you want me to lie? I can’t do that. I can’t lie. I’m too upset. I don’t know where it is.” Her mother said, “It’s okay. No problem. I’ll lie for you; it’s already found.” A couple of hours later, her daughter called her up. “I found it!” she said. “Now I see what you were telling me, and I see that in the future, I should do exactly what you did!”


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