Flooded with Hashem’s Chessed

Rabbi Golombeck had a flood in his basement, and Baruch Hashem he saw so much Chesed and Hashgacha Pratis in how Hashem orchestrated every detail! His tenants had to move out due to the flood, but there was a young family in the same complex who had a baby a couple days earlier, so their basement was empty. Rabbi Golombeck’s tenants were able to stay right across the street for the first week! Second, Rabbi Golombeck was planning on redoing the whole basement to make sure there wouldn’t be any mold, and the insurance company was willing to give enough money to cover all the damages! Otherwise, they would have had to pay thousands of dollars! Thirdly, the Golombecks had to find a new place for their tenants as it would take a month to fix up the damage. Fortunately, they found a Chosson/Kallah apartment available for rent down the block, completely furnished, and they said they could use it for as long as they wanted! Hashem took care of everything!

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