Man In Need Turns To Hashem

Man In Need Turns To Hashem

On Monday, 5 Nissan, 5783, young Toby Zilber* from Tzefat had terrible pains in her side. Her father, R’ Yossi Zilber* took her to the emergency room. The doctor said that it seemed like she had some type of infection and that Baruch Hashem now everything was fine.

R’ Yossi decided to make a seudas Hoda’ah to thank Hashem. He asked his children what they wanted to celebrate with. They said they would like: Chinese food. He only had 200 shekels, not really enough to buy much. So he davened to Hashem to please give him some more money. He said to Hashem, “”If this is Your will that I shouldn’t have more, then let this be the korban Mincha that the poor man brings because he can’t afford more.””

On Wednesday, 7 Nissan, after shacharis, someone came over to R’ Yossi and gave him an envelope with 200 shekel from an anonymous donor.

He now had enough to celebrate his thanks to Hashem!

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