Menuchas Hanefesh: Embracing Tranquility & Joy through Bitachon

Menuchas Hanefesh Above All!

Mrs. Weinberg was late for her child’s eye doctor’s appointment and called to see if she could still be seen. The receptionist said that if she could come within seven minutes, then yes; otherwise, there would be nothing to do. Mrs. Weinberg thought to herself, “The doctor said seven minutes, and he’s very firm about it.” Then she thought to herself, “There’s no way I’m going to get there in seven minutes. If I rush, it’s going to rob me of my menuchas hanefesh and simchas hachaim. That’s not proper hishtadlus.” So she decided that she would go calmly, and she said to herself, “While I’m having Bitachon, not only are they going to take me, they’re going to be nice to me! They’re going to be friendly, easy-going, and geshmak!” When she came to the office,  even though she was late, the secretary said, “Wow, it’s so amazing you came. I’m so happy!” The nicest greeting in the world!!
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