Every Second is a New World: Divine Renewal and Healing

Every second is a new world!

Mrs. Moskowitz* is a teacher in Lakewood. One night, her husband came home from Yeshiva not feeling well. He said he was feeling shvach and nauseous. He said, “Oh, my chavrusa just had shigella, and I probably caught it. He was out for a few days.” The first thing his wife thought was, “Oh no. Now, my husband is going to be out for a few days, and my children are going to catch it.” Then she said, “One second. I don’t believe in cause and effect. I don’t believe in nature. I don’t believe in teva. I believe in “Ha’mechadesh bi’tuvo b’chol yom tamid.” Every second is a new world. Her husband went to sleep and woke up feeling perfectly fine! without any symptoms. He was with all of his kochos; he felt amazing! He had been complaining he was nauseous and weak, with all the symptoms of shigella, and the next morning he was back to himself, running around, feeling perfect!
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