No Cause and Effect!

Mrs. Fried* from Eretz Yisrael was looking high and low for a new apartment. People told her that what she was looking for was a dream and that she was never going to get it. “Just take whatever you can get.” Somebody called her up and said that they knew of an available apartment; she should come to check it out. It had nothing that she wanted, but she said to herself, “Hishtadlus isn’t cause and effect. We do our part, and Hashes will do His part.” They went to check it out, and on the way, they saw a sign for a different apartment. They checked out all the details, they went, and it was exactly what they were looking for! It was a dream apartment. They took it, and they saw that Hashem has many ways. You just do your part, and Hashem will do the rest!

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