Our Beautiful Nation

Our Beautiful Nation!

The following story was witnessed by an accountant of a big Ba’al Chesed:
There is a disabled woman who comes in to the boss every week and asks him for money for Shabbos.
One day, she walked in and asked if he could give her enough money for four Shabbosim at a time. This way she won’t need to come every week.
He replied her, “”I am willing to give you enough money for four Shabbosim. The only problem is that if I give enough to last you a long time, I won’t see you for a while and I really enjoy seeing you!””
The woman felt like a million dollars! She felt so valued and special, not because of how much money she received but because of how this man made her feel!
Mi Keamcha YIsroe’l. [Heard from the employee]

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