Undamped Simcha

Rabbi Golombeck had a flood in his basement, which caused a lot of damage, so he filed an insurance claim. He hired a public adjuster to make sure the insurance company would give him the full amount of money he needed to make the repairs. After the insurance company told Rabbi Golombeck how much money they would be giving him, Rabbi Golombeck started to regret hiring a public adjuster. He thought that the insurance company would have given him the same amount even without the adjustor, and now he has to give the adjustor 10% of the claim. Then he realized it was just his Yetzer Hara! Instead of being happy and grateful to Hashem for all the money he would receive, and that it was enough money to cover the cost of the repairs, he was regretting his decision. The Yetzer Hara was just trying to dampen his simcha! Shortly after he realized this, he received a message from someone who had not used a public adjuster, and the insurance company only gave them half the cost of what he needed to fix his damaged house! Rabbi Golombeck saw clearly that Hashem was helping him regain his simcha by appreciating the fact that he had hired the adjustor!

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