Megillah Marathon

Hillel Akilav is a talmid of Rabbi Golombeck.  His yeshiva had an off-Shabbos for Purim, so he went home to Queens. He spent his Purim going from hospital room to hospital room leining Megillah for every single person who wanted. He did house calls, went to sick patients, and even went to nursing homes! He said that he leined for so many people that day that he couldn’t even keep track of how many people it was! Can you imagine? That’s how he spent his whole Purim day! While he was in the hospital, a non-religious family heard him leining Megillah for somebody else. “Can you also read the Megillah for us?” they asked him. “We don’t want to miss out just because we’re not religious. We know this is what Hashem wants us to do. So we want to do it. We want to make Hashem happy.” He leined for a non-frum family because they didn’t want to feel left out by not doing a mitzvah!!

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