Yungeman Finds Simchas Ha’chaim and More

R’ Goldstein,* needed parnassah, so he was tutoring two bachurim, one during first seder, and one during second seder. He didn’t really have enjoyment from the tutoring, and it wasn’t going smoothly, but he kept doing it because he needed the money. 

Then he said to himself, “It’s not proper hishtadlus. I learn with more geshmak in Bais Medrash Gevoah, that’s where I get Simchas Hachayim. 

I need money? Hashem will work it out. He gave up his tutoring jobs and went back to learning at Bais Medrash Gevoah. 

Soon afterwards, someone arranged for him to learn with a bachur whose father wanted for him a great chavrusa and was willing to pay top dollar. R’ Goldstein ended up earning the same amount of money that he gave up from the tutoring jobs!

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