Bitachon Apartment 

Mrs. Weitz* was looking for an empty apartment for her son and his family for Shabbos. She made many phone calls to all different people that she heard were going away for Shabbos, but none of the apartments were available. She thought to herself, “What should I do? I did so much hishtadlus, but I still didn’t find anything!” Then she thought, “I know! I’ll do the best hishtadlus,  I’ll leave it up to Hashem! I am not making any other phone calls.” Later on that day, one of her neighbors called her up and said, “You know, I just decided to go away for Shabbos. If you know anyone that needs my apartment, I’ll be happy to lend it out.” Mrs. Weitz told her neighbor, “I need it!” Hashem found the perfect apartment for her!

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