Fill Your Bank with Chessed!

Rabbi Golombeck was in Santander Bank waiting in line, and there was a Heimeshe Yid behind him. Rabbi Golombeck told him, “I know time is precious to every Yid, but you should just know that I’m going to be very quick. I am making one transaction, and I’ll be out before you know it.” The other yid said to Rabbi Golombeck, “You know what? I appreciate you telling me that so much. I’ll tell you why. You show that you care about me and you care about my time. You realize that we’re waiting in line. Some people could take a long time, they can make five transactions, and it could take 10 minutes. Now I’m calmer because I know it’s going to be just a couple of minutes. You gave me more menuchas hanefesh. You didn’t have to tell me this, but you made me feel so good.” You see how important it is to think of ways to make people happier and more than that, because he said thank you so much,  it made Rabbi Golombeck feel so good that he did something good!

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