Hashem Catches Child

R’ Kahn* travels a lot, sometimes for seven hours straight, without getting out of the car! He said that what keeps him going mentally, emotionally, and physically with all the traveling is turning on Bitachon Hotline songs, and the words and niggunim go into his bones. They change him into a different metzius! Besides for making him upbeat and happy, he sees so much siyata d’shmaya and so much more bracha in his life. He gave an example. He said that he has two floors in his house. His 5-year-old kid was playing ball on the top of the stairs, and he tripped. He fell all the way down both flights of stairs, and the bottom is tiled. R’ Kahn “happened” to be standing right there, and his son fell headfirst into his lap! He caught him before he hit the floor! He took it as a lesson that Hashem is always there to catch us!

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