Hashem Gives Yid a Hot Meal to Eat

Mendy* was on an international flight and hadn’t booked a kosher meal.
Once he was airborne and meals were served, he was in the mood for the kosher meal. Three different stewardesses informed him that there wasn’t a single extra kosher meal. An exact amount of kosher meals were brought on the flight and were all given out.
Mendy did have food with him – but the hot meal was what he wanted at the time.
So he turned to Hashem and asked Him to send him a kosher meal. He reminded himself that it’s irrelevant as to what the stewardesses say regarding the lack of extra meals on board.
A few minutes later a stewardess came by with a kosher meal and informed him that indeed one kosher meal had been found.
Hashem had answered his request – just like He always does!
Reach out to Him for big things and little things – He is there at your side and will come to your aid if you ask. (Heard from Mendy)

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