Master Project Manager

Hashem- The Master Project Manager!

As a building project manager for a Yeshiva, Benny* was overseeing the building of new dormitories for a Yeshiva to be finished by a specific time so that the Bochurim could move in. With the date quickly approaching, he found himself confounded by two problems. One, the workers typically work at a leisurely pace. Two, when the building inspectors come, they find all types of compliance issues that need to be addressed, pushing everything off for at least a month.
Benny said to Hashem, “I’m not relying on the inspectors; I’m not relying on the builders; I’m relying on You, Hashem!
And yes, He finished before the Yeshiva needed, and when the inspectors came, they said, “Wow, everything is so perfect; the building meets all the compliances!”
He saw clearly that you have a different set of laws when you rely on Hashem!
[heard by R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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